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Corporate Photography of Parties and Events

Adam, ASL Corporate Photography, has had the privilege to photograph corporate parties and events in London in locations like Kensington Palace,  Lancaster House, Chelsea Football Club, German Embassy, Village Hotel and more.

I have also photographed many smaller company & corporate parties and launches in offices and other locations in and around London.

Every business party, corporate event, company award ceremony, etc, require corporate photographers to capture your London corporate event in the right style.

Having the ability to capture a range of pictures from your event is essential.

You are at the right place. Just contact me for a chat.

It’s very rewarding to help organisations with a party or an event, which I know could take months of planning and hard work to create. As we all know, photos from corporate & company parties & events are a great marketing tool.

I have the experience to assist you in every way possible to ensure your success. Preparation for your company's party or event photoshoot includes a site visit and helping create a list of VIP and ‘must-have' shots leaving the client free to focus on business - or enjoying the party! -  while I make sure I get all the photographs you need .... and more. 

Although I am a London-based business photographer, I am happy to travel. 

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