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Corporate Event Photography London

Corporate event photography enhances your company's image and online presence. With high-quality photographs, you can create visually appealing content for online platforms, showcasing the success and vibrancy of your event while highlighting your brand values, professionalism, and corporate culture.

I have been the photographer for large corporate conferences and events in London in venues including Kensington Palace, Lancaster House, the German Embassy, and Chelsea Football Club, as well as for small business seminars and events in offices and modest locations.


Preparation for your corporate event includes a site visit and creating a list of VIPs and ‘must-have’ shots so that during the event, you can focus on business, be confident that I will get the images you need… and more.

I not only focus on the 'must have' photographs, I also provide you with a powerful set of images that tell the story of the event and will help you grow your online presence and brand awareness.

I can fully edit photographs on-site to be available immediately for press releases or social media updates. 


Having carried out numerous corporate photography assignments, including large & small events, conferences, seminars, training days, award ceremonies & more, I now have a reputation as a trusted and skilled corporate photographer in London and beyond.

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