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  • Adam Soller

London on Lockdown

London Photo Taxi Tour & Adam Soller Photography

Spring 2020 will never be forgotten. Our beautiful city of London has been closed for weeks now due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. Shops, theatres, museums and restaurants are all closed. The streets are deserted and the roads empty as people stay at home in order to protect themselves and help stop the spread of this terrible new virus. All photography bookings have been cancelled: parties, conferences, events… all postponed while we wait to see what will be our new normal once lockdown is ended. The London Photo Taxi Tour is also on hold – tourism is non-existent and visitors have all gone home, which is even more of a shame as there is a great opportunity to drive around central London without getting stuck in traffic jams. It’s also worth noting that black cabs are the safest way to travel now, with the glass partition between driver and passenger and easy to clean seating. I’ve been spending a lot of time at home but last week, while following the government guidelines on social distancing, I ventured out with my camera to document London on Lockdown.

More photos to follow!

Stay Safe and healthy!


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